Events 2013

The diving in the Pole of Cold in Yakutia is admitted as the record of Russia and Europe.

The winter diving of the underwater research team is admitted as the official record of Russia and Europe.

It was organized in the beginning of February, 2013 by Russian Geographical Society in Labynkyr lake, which is located in poorly explored and hard-to-reach area in Yakutia not far from Oymyakon – the Pole of Cold of the northern hemisphere.

The expedition is registered in Europe Book of Records and Russian Book of Records as “the first winter diving with aqualung with the entry from open-air space in the area of the Pole of Cold. Lake Labynkyr, Oymyakon region, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), February 01, 2013”.

The research team consisted of Dmitry Shiller – the head of the division of the Russian Geographical Society in Tatarstan, Viktor Ozarenko – specialist diver, the graduator of the famous School of the Divers in Sevastopol, Alexander Gubin – expert of sub glacial photo- and video recording.


20 May. The members of the expedition on the dog sledges “by the ways of the trailblazers” have come back to Yakutsk from Deputatsky.

The unique expedition started in the middle of April from village Deputatsky and was to pass 1500 km. in 30 days. The route of the team lied to Novosibirsky Islands through covered by ice Laptev Sea by the ways of the first explorers of the Russian North of XVII-XIX centuries.

This is the very place in the Arctic Ocean where the famous Land of Sannikov is located according to the novel of Vladimir Obruchev. This land is still not found. The main waypoints were village Yukagir – cape Svyatoy Nos – island Bolshoy Lyakhovsky – island Kotelniy – island Stolboviy – village Tiksi.

The team consisted of German Arbugaev – the head of the group, his daughter Evgenia and son Maksim, the experienced dog-driver Maskim Lyubavin from Korolev city and local pathfinder Mikhail Kulbertinov. The expedition passed the whole difficult and long path on two dog sledges. The breed of the dogs – Yakut Laika.

German Arbugayev: “The expedition has passed successfully, according to the plan. We covered 1500 km. We have done all objectives despite the extension of the terms because of the blizzard. The expedition is dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of the Geographic Society and 110-year anniversary of the polar expedition on the yacht “Zarya” under command of the famous explorer Eduard Toll. The path was difficult, but there were not any significant and dangerous obstacles. We didn’t face wild animals, polar bears specifically. We saw only tracks of them. The dogs feel very good. Moreover, we brought from there two dogs of deer-chasing laika (the breed) for replenishment of the dog farm. They are also called “Tundra”.

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