Events 2011-2012

2011, December 9

On December 9th, in one of the main squares of Yakutsk, the ceremony of transferring the Symbol of Cold to Ded Moroz is held. This event opens the All-Russian action “Winter starts from Yakutia,” From this day and further begins the journey of this symbol through Russia together with Ded Moroz. Wherever Ded Moroz arrives, he will bring a small part of the real Yakut winter.   On the following day, in the tourist complex “Kingdom of the Permafrost”,  Ded Moroz opened his permanent residence. Now, any visitor can sit on the his Throne and also leave him a message in a special mailbox.

2011, November 18

Recently to the capital of the Republic, Yakutsk from Ust Yana region were delivered the remains of a mammoth discovered last year in the paleontological reserve “Janskiy mammoths” by members of the “Yukagir” clan.

The approximate age of the new finding is of 3-4 years. Scientists gave it the name Yuka. In particular entirely well preserved trunk, four legs, trunk and scalp.

Currently the filming crew of BBC is working and say will prepare another sensational film about Yakutian mammoths. According to them, if everything goes well, the film will be aired next month.
In the second half of February 2012 the Academy of Sciences of Sakha (Yakutia) with the participation of leading Russian and foreign scientists are planning to conduct a comprehensive research of mammoth YUKA.  SAKHALIFE.RU

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2011, January 19

Our route “Expedition to the Pole of Cold ”  in Ojmjakon, developed together with the Moscow touroperator “RussiaDiscovery”, was recognized by Forbes Russian edition as one of the 8 most unusual tourist destinations in Russia. Here is how it was described in journalists publications for the rich and famous:

“The trip itself, or one can even say the expedition lasts for nine days and is held three times in a season – in January, February and March. The maximum number     of participants in the group is 8 people. The trip promised to present an ethnographic expedition, a dive into the history and customs of local residents, the greatest possible integration into the local culture and life. The tour organizers say, Ojmjakon is the best place to check yourself for strength,     and once in a life to see that the weather in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout  the middle belt of the country is not so bad.”

In fact in December of 2007, the same route entered into the 50 most exotic itineraries in the world by the international edition of GEO.