Period of activity: November, 01 – April, 15
Duration: 7 days
Group size: 2-8 PAX max

There are people with a spirit of adventure and taste for discovery who always dream of challenging the North Pole, the South Pole, Everest, etc. These people are true travelers but are there a lot of people who visit the Pole of Cold, the place with a record negative temperature?
What does the place with such a cosmic temperature look like? How do people and animals survive? What happens with equipment and machinery? Why does the river still run if it is -54°C.
It is worth seeing the place and being there to get all the answers. It is time to discover this natural phenomenon.
What is extreme cold? How is it possible to survive such cold? To understand this one should visit the Pole of Cold. It is something to do at least once in a life-time. One of the points of absolute cold of the Northern Hemisphere is situated in Verkhoyansk, Yakutia. There, mid January temperature is –50,0°C. Sometime it drops down to -68°C.


Day 1

Breakfast at the hotel.
Sightseeing program in Yakutsk, including  guided tour to the  Treasury of Yakutia . Visit to the complex Ytyk-Khaya,national traditional ritual of blessing  Algys, visit to the complex Chochur-Muran where you can try out riding in the dog sled  and reindeer sled .  Visit to the Kingdom of Permafrost arranged in the glacier insides of the mountain located just next to Chochur-Muran. Lunch at the complex hunting restaurant (Yakut cuisine).  Return to the city . Shopping of the equipments. Dinner at the  restaurant(Local cuisine)

Night at the hotel.

Day 2 Departure to Verkhoyansk by  airplane . Transfer to Verkhoyansk by car (1,5 hrs driving, about 60 km) Stay in hotel or home stay. Lunch in family. Visit to local museum. Dinner in family.

Day 3 Programm in Verkhoyansk – visit to local school, folk concert,  visit to cow farm .  Receiving of Sertificate “Visitors of Pole of Cold ” from Major. Lunch and dinner in families.

Day 4 Programm in Verkhoyansk –  ice fishing,  visit to  horse farm.  Lunch and dinner in families.

Day  5 Departure to Yakutsk by airplane, arrival  in Yakutsk at second half of day.  Transfer to hotel “Tygyn Darkhan”. Rest and free time. Dinner in hotel’s restaurant.

Day 6 Programm in Yakutsk. Visit to  the  Regional Museum, Mammoth museum. Lunch in local restaurant on the territory of complex.  Souvenir  shopping . Dinner in  local restaurant .

Day 7 Transfer  to airport , departure to Moscow.