Oymyakon – General Information

On this page we present you unique information about Oymyakon, a place considered  as one of the coldest places on Earth where people live permanently.

On the proposed scheme, we provide the data on temperature measurements in Oymyakon.( See plan)

Measurements were made ​​by the group of amateur meteorologists from Germany in January 15-21,  2004  under the leadership of Reinhardt Wurzel. As it seen in the figures, even in Oymyakon itself the temperature varies. This suggests that the dispute between the two settlements of Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, of where the Pole of Cold is, is not entirely has a  methodological basis. It is all about 0.1 degrees, – 67.7 C in Oymyakon and – 67.8 C in Verkhoyansk respectively. Whereas a value of -71.2 C, attributed to Oymyakon has been calculated by Academician Obruchev in 1929 by the method of extrapolation, but in fact no device has ever measured that temperature.

Therefore, where is the real Pole of Cold, in our opinion, has yet to be defined and proved ….

Over many years of working with tourists, together with the administration of Oymyakon we managed to get interesting statistics about visits of Oymyakon by foreigners. We say that this information is not complete, but looking at the table we can still identify the major countries whose citizens have visited this unique place of our planet. And it is confirm to say that the number of pioneer explorers of Pole of Cold is much less than the conquerors of Everest and the North Pole. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the vast number of countries are not represented at all, and those who choose to visit the Pole of Cold, can proudly say that they were the first! Foreigner visits

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