About us


«TourService Centre» Co., Ltd was founded in September, 1996. Main staff is 9 employees.

In 1998 «TourService Centre» Co., LTD using one of grants of International Foundation Grants «Eurasia» has made the only Sakha digital information database «Tourism in Yakutia» located at www.yakutiatravel.com in Internet. Nowadays, this site is one of the most visited one in Yakutia among foreign users, with the highest rating in Google.

For almost 20 years of stable work «TourService Centre» CO., LTD has got 3 International grants from the Eurasia Foundation and Institution for Sustainable Communities (USAID) for tourism development in Yakutia into the total amount of USD 39 000.

In 1999-2001 the company has established a net of family hosts of «Bed&Breakfast» type in 20 settlements of Yakutia. It has been very helpful and handy for foreign guests since hotel system was underdeveloped in the regions.

In 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001&2003, «TourService Centre» Co., Ltd was recognized as the best tourist company in Yakutia for incoming tourism.

Our team has worked out and tested such unique travel routes as «Nomad routes of Yakutia», «Mammoth Hunter»,«Yakutian Aurora Borealis», «Northern Mosaic», «Yakutian gold rush at Indigirka river» and «Expedition to the Pole of Cold». The latter was recently listed in the 50th most exotic routes by Geo Saison (Germany edition. December, 2007).

In 2009 the company was renamed into “TS-Centre” .  In the Russian Federal Register of Tour Operators we stand under the number PTO 022457.

Experience  with media companies and film crews.

Our team

  • Vyacheslav G. Ipatiev, General Director general@yakutiatravel.com graduated from Saint-Petersburg  State University for tourism economics, had training for tourism management in the USA and Japan as main foreign travel partners,  Federal National Tourism Academy member
  • Alex, deputy General director
  • Anna, commercial director
  • Valery. driver

Mailing Address: 677018 Yakutsk, Yaroslavsky str. 30/1, office 66
Mobile phone: +7 9246621144

TEL/Fax: +7 (4112)35-11-44

Email: manager@yakutiatravel.com