Yakutian gold rush at Indigirka river

Period 15.05- 10.09.99
Group size 4 people min, 10 people max.
Duration 9 days/8 nights.

In this fascinating journey you will learn and feel a lot of different experience. You will see an astonishing beauty of Indigirka river, learn about tragic history of developing the largest Yakutian gold mine during Stalin period , visit a real Stalin prison camp and gold mines –


1 day. Meeting at Yakutsk airport

Accomodation at quiet and comfortable hotel “Ontario” in double rooms.

Breakfast. After breakfast you will have brief excursion over the city and will visit the most interesting places.

Lunch at “Fregat” restaurant with perfect cooking.

Museum of minerals, where you’ll learn the history of Yakutian gold mining, see the map of the largest gold spots, learn the difference between golden ore and golden sand, see them – and a lot of many other things that will be useful for your trip to Indigirka.

After excursion you will return to the hotel – with excellent dinner.

2 day. Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to airport. Leaving to Ust’-Nera.

In 3 hour flight on AN24, just after noon, you will be at Ust’-Nera – the center of Yakutian gold mining industry.

Accomodation in “Solnechnaya” hotel in double rooms

Lunch at the restaurant.

After lunch – visiting the museum of regional sciences – the museum of history of developing the gold industry – here you’ll see unique exhibits of Stalin period.

In evening – dinner at the restaurant and time for rest.

3 day. Breakfast.

Car transfer to Alyaskitovyi gold mine (110 km from Ust’-Nera), where gold and tungsten ores were mined- at Stalin time. Almost fully remained Stalin prison camp – with guard towers, prisoners’ barracks, barbed wires will let you feel the atmosphere of tragic period of gold mining history…

Outdoor lunch. Return to Ust’-Nera at the same day. In this trip you will see not only beautiful nature and landscapes but also feel a first appearance of the Gold of Indigirka.

4 day. First day of your real participation in Yakutian Gold Rush.

Breakfast. Car transfer to artel “Olchanetz” (80 km from Ust’-Nera)

After 3 hours drive on nice mountain trails, you will arrive to a working goldmining artel.

The lunch that will be cooked by gold miners, will be like excellent home cooking.

After lunch you will start from meeting with gold sand mining technology. As soon as you learn – you can become a character of Jack London stories yourself – with help of experienced artel member.

After hard work of a gold miner, you will be ready for delicious dinner and famous Russian banya, that will allow you not only to clean working perspiration away, but also to feel the whole charming of informal contact with true heroes of “Golden Indigirka”.

After banya you will have a tent encampment on artel territory.

5 day. Breakfast.
Car transfer to gold mining artel Oktyabr’skaya (50 km from “Olchanetz”) – deeper and deeper into wild nature of indigirka river. There you will already be an experienced gold miners – you will know how to deal with a tray…- but you will have all help needed. All the day is for you – to test your luck.

Hospitable artel masters will provide you with beds and food.

6 day. Breakfast.
Till lunch you will continue your adventure and after last lunch with artel members you will drive back to Ust’-Nera (130 km), where you will arrive at evening.

Here is a dinner at restaurant and the hotel for you.

7 day. Breakfast.

Visit to gold extracting factory in Ust’-Nera. Meeting with process of extracting gold from ore – with modern technologies.

Lunch at the restaurant.

After lunch – departure for fishing, barbecue picnic on Indigirka shore.

Rest at the hotel.

8 day. Breakfast. Transfer to Ust’-Nera airport.

Arrival to Yakutsk – after noon.

Accomodation at Hotel “Ontario”, lunch.

Shopping, free time.

Dinner at the restaurant.

9 day. Breakfast. Transfer to airport. Leaving.

Tour package includes:

All transfers/airtickets, accomodations, 3 meals a day , all excursions, guides/interpreters, visa supporting.