Experience with media

Experience  with TV companies, media  and film crews.

Our company has saved a great experience of work with journalists and film crews from different countries for seventeens years working period. Geography of trips and shooting’s degree of difficulty were various, but always they were successful.

Within last sixteen years the following working groups carried out film shooting with our aid:

Lonely Planet,  S.Richmond –   Yakutsk, August 2002

Telecom Staff  Inc. (Japan), Mr. Mikio Oguro –   shooting of the film about permafrost and

consequences of rise in temperature, August, 2003.

TV  TF-1,  X. Luizet  (France) –  The filming of a yakut village in Megino-Aldanski region, December, 2003

Discovery Channel (Geoff MaCkley, New Zealand)  – Shooting the TV program on the Pole of Cold Oimyakon, January, 2004

TV man Union  (TBS Japan) Mr.Sato –  Shooting the TV program about mammoth’s  Life in Verchoyanski region, August, 2004

LonelyPlanet, Robert Reid –   Yakutsk, June 2005

NHK (Japan), Mr.  YOSHIDA Kenji – Shooting the taking out of Yucogirski mammoth’s head to Japan exhibition ‘EXPO-2005”, November, 2005.

TV ABC, Ms. Emma Griffiths (Australia) –   Shooting the excavation of mammoth tusk on the sea coast of Arctic ocean, Allaichovski region, August, 2005

“Der  Spiegel” (Germany) –             The reporting from Vervhoyansk  about people’s life in the coldest place of Northern hemisphere, January, 2006

BNN TV  (Netherlands) –         Shooting the TV program “Try before you die” with participation of Filemon Wesselink as the main hero, tester of “ cold feat” on the pole of cold in Oimyakon. ( swimming in ice-hole, spending a night in a tent ect.), February, 2006.

Die Zeit (Germany), Fosvinkel Johann –             Verkhoyansk, July 2006

Dagense Nyheter (Sweden), Engeberg, Alm –             Tiksi,  March 2006

Asakhi, Japan –            Tiksi, August 2006

Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Germany) –       Shooting the TV programe on the pole of cold Oimyakon, January, 2006.

BBC-radio (F. Aston) ,National Geographic (B.Notenboom) –     Report on “Kate Marsden Expedition”  and  Northern Ecology , March 2007

Vanity Fair   Magazine (USA) –       Alex Shoumatoff ,  trip to Verkhoyansk, November 2007

NTNC (Japan) –       Shooting the TV program “A Journey to the edge of the  World ”,  December 2007

Zadig Film (France) –       Shooting  film about Yakutsk city ,February, 2008

BBC  , Tammy  Johnes –       Shooting film “Horse power”    Batagay ,  March-April, 2008

LonelyPlanet, Robert Reid –       Yakutsk, July  2008

5 TV Channel, France –      Shooting film about road “Lena – M56”,August,  2009

BNN TV , Paul Koning –     Shooting the TV program about Verkhoyansk  and Yakutsk city , October 2009

Swiss TV Channel SRF, Christof Franzen – Shooting the TV program about Moma evenk childrens, May 2011

Australia  TV 9 Channel, “60 minutes” ,Hovard Sacre –  Shooting TV program about Pole of Cold (Oymyakon) , February 2012 . Report see here

N-One Television, England, John Nolan –   Shooting special film “Driven to extremes”  for Discovery Channel with participating of Tom Hardy (actor) and  Miko Salo (Formula-1 team racing),             February 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl_JYu7IkGU

Argentina TV, “EyeWorks” show – Shooting the TV program about Oymyakon, March 2012

Japanese TV  show “ITTE-Q” , Yoshimura – Shooting show in Oymyakon  with participating  Takei Shunsuke (actor), March 2012

Japanese TV company “Telecom staff”,  Kohari Kazumasa – Shooting the TV programm “Great Nature” about ice opening on the Lena river, May-June 2012

ZDF TV (Germany), I.Branovets – –  Shooting film  in Oymyakon ,  November, 2012

Japanese “Tokyo TV” ,  Maruyama –  Shooting film  in Oymyakon  with participating   Nomura  Mami (actress), December, 2012

Japanese TBS company – Shooting film about Lena Pillars National Park and Lena river , June-July, 2013

NBC Sports Group (TV USA) – Shooting TV program “Olympic Russia” about Siberian cities , reporter Mary Karillo , December 2013

Japanese “TV-Tokyo” – shooting TV program about Oymyakon, director Mr. Hisanao, December 2013

Japanese TBS Vision  –  shooting TV program “The World Heritage”  about Lena Pillars National Park,    H.Enatsu –  program director, January 2014

Japanese TBS Vision  –  shooting TV program with participation of Japanese famous actor Ito Hideaki  about history of Siberian peoples,   Amano –  program director, September 2014- January 2015.

PANDATARIA FILM (Italy) – Shooting a film of Permafrost and its effect on the life of residents of Yakutia, August 2015.

Japanese Fuji TV – filming TV of the unique discovery of the remains of the ancient cave lion cubs, director URABE KAZUYA, December 2015

BBC(UK) – filming TV program “City in the sky” about airport of Yakutsk , director Russel Leven, January 2016 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03x10sr

Nippon- TV , Japan – shooting TV program about Yakutsk city, January 2017

Swiss TV Channel SRF, Christof Franzen , Dave Leins   –  Shooting film “ Sibirien Total” about  Even  reindeer breeders ,  August 2017 https://vimeo.com/296899714

Michael Martin – photo project about Oymyakon for «Spiegel» magazine, Feb.2018

Fuji TV , Japan – shooting TV program about Yakutsk city, permafrost and mammoth searching, January 2019