Lena river trips

Route 1. Yakutsk-Lena Cheeks (to South) Cruise duration – 12 days . (The Program see below) Departure from Yakutsk up the Lena River (see the map). Diring-Yuryakh is a major archaeological site about 60km upriver from Yakutsk. In 1982, evidence of man dating back 1-2 million years was discovered here, putting the site on a More…



The Lena river

The Lena is one of the ten greatest rivers on the planet. Beginning in the mountains of the Baikal range the Lena flows 4400 kilometers to the Arctic Ocean. The river-bed spans as much as 15 kilometers in its middle reaches, while in the lower reaches it spans as much as 25 kilometers. The size More…


Bird watching tour to the Lena delta

This is an incredible journey for bird lovers and experts in feathered fauna. Birds from South and South-East Asia, Australia, America, Africa, and Europe, all fly to the Lena delta. 89 species of birds have been counted here during the summer. 59 of those hatch on the delta. 20 of those species of birds are More…