The Lena river

The Lena is one of the ten greatest rivers on the planet. Beginning in the mountains of the Baikal range the Lena flows 4400 kilometers to the Arctic Ocean. The river-bed spans as much as 15 kilometers in its middle reaches, while in the lower reaches it spans as much as 25 kilometers. The size of the Lena delta is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of the Lena’s tributaries, such as the Vitim, the Olyokma, the Aldan, and the Vilyuy, are longer than some of the greatest rivers in Europe.
The river is bounded in ice for seven months. The ice crust gets more than a meter thick. The Lena opens up in the second half of May.
There are no dams, weirs, or hydroelectric stations on the river. The Lena flows as it did ages ago. One can still draw potable water strait from the river. Amazing landscapes, Lenskie Shyeky (where walls of rock squeeze the river), rich flora and fauna, and unique and ancient culture, could all impress even an experienced traveler.