Ysyakh Part 3

Photos from national holiday

This photo reportage is kindly presented by professional photographer, Maria Doubrovskaya

Part-3. Night, daybreak, the sun greeting ceremony

The nights were still white and it was not dark. The sunset was smoothly changing to daybreak.

Clouds were crawling over horizon, but the sun was starting to come out.

The first day of solstice and the moment of sun rising were miracle for yakut people. Formally the Yakuts began Yh yakh celebration from the sunrise. They thanked Urun Iyu Toyon ( the incarnation of supreme force for yakut people) and made sprinkling with holy drink kumyus( fermented mare’s milk) in his honor. The stallion Jeogey was a holy animal. Thereby yakut people demonstrate joy because after long winter comes summer, celebrate the awaking of Nature. It is considered to be true, that people become revived through the sun rays. Algyuschit (the well-wisher) is making people ready for the ceremony in silence. He extending hands to the sun and asking the supreme divinity to give strong heat and force. People purged from all sinful by sun rays.
Everybody repeat after Algyuschit.

The ceremony finished and…

place of force

…the crowd poured to the “place of force”.

place of force

To be continued…


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