Ysyakh Part 2

Photos from national holiday

This photo reportage is kindly presented by professional photographer, Maria Doubrovskaya

Part-2. Ethnic music

On the concert place there are tabyuks (tight, stretched buck skin or cow skin) and base for a huge, three miters height drum.


And also there are five big drums.


On my way I met boys staring at the indignant bird in the grass.


The indignant bird. I have no idea what was wrong with it.


like usual Klavdia ….

Klavdia Hatyulaeva

and German Hatyulaev with the consort “Teteem” opened the concert.

German Hatyulaev

Then a diminutive low voice man was telling for a long time about his instrument, witch he could have done only for the fourth time. Such a five miters long thing. We all waited impatiently for his playing, but he blew- spited twice, said “that is all” and slipped away.

.”Music without a word” are the guests from Habarovsk and Gerbert is the guest from German.

Music without a word

At the end was magnificent mixed performance.


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