The republic is divided into 33 ulusses (administrative and territorial units) and 2 municipalities.
In Yakutia there are thirteen distinct cities with unique characteristics and interesting features.
Yakutsk is the capital of the Republic. It is the oldest city on Yakut territory. It was established in 1632. A quarter of the entire population of the Republic lives in Yakutsk. It is the governmental, scientific, and cultural center of the Republic. Excellent theaters, rich museums, modern art galleries, top sport arenas, all welcome visitors.
Mirny is the capital of the diamond province. Mirny uluss is the major diamond mining center. Sightseeing in the city, its attractions, and its social and economic life, are all related to diamonds.
Neryungry is one of the youngest and most beautiful cities in Yakutia. It is a large administrative, industrial, traffic, and cultural center in the South of Yakutia. The major industrial site is the Neryungry coal opencast.