Gold And Diamonds of Yakutia


The jewellery and cut diamond manufacturer – company “Sakhajeweller” has been successfully operating at the jewelry market of Russia since 1994. The factory is the leader of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in production of golden ornaments of Yakut diamonds, producer of diamonds; it possesses its own store network in Russian regions. The enterprise is rigged with modern technological equipment, allowing to produce high quality and perfect jewellery and diamonds. Due to the own diamond cutting workshops diamonds are selected to each pattern individually.
Today “Sakhajeweller” offers more than 3000 jewellery patterns of different styles and trends, assortment of which is regularly renewing. Jewellery, made with a great attention to those, who will wear it, are exported only in small and average parts and conforms to the latest fashion.
You can order the individual adornment – our masters will prepare an artistic outline of your idea and produce the article. It will be executed in the singular. For You personally.
The best skilled workmen of Yakutia work in our enterprise.
For the period of 12 years “Sakhajeweller” was awarded with a lot of prizes and diplomas of jewelry exhibitions and shows on a world scale. The company is a Member of Association “The guild of Russian jewellers”, of the National association of jewellery trade, a laureate of competitions “The 100 best commodities of Russia”, “The 1000 best enterprises of Russia”. “Sakhajeweller” has been granted these awards:
Diploma “Quality of the highest trial” given at the Junwex-2003 International exhibition; Diploma in the nomination “Best ornament with diamonds” for the ring “Mysterious charm” of the international Moscow jewellery exhibition in September 2004.
In 2006 the company participated in Las Vegas jewellery exhibition for the first time and presented а new collection of jewellery “The Legend of the three worlds”, specially maded for the exhibition. The collection was created in cooperation with the Russian State Unitary Enterprise “The committee for precious metals and precious stones of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” and will be presented in Yakut ethnic style in the Russian sector. The collection is based on the ancient Sakha epos “Olonkho”. According to the “Olonkho” epos our world consists of three parts – the Upper world (Heaven), world of deities, the Middle world, world of human beings, the Lower world (Hell), world of demons. All the three worlds are connected between each other by the Sacred Tree “Aal Luuk Mas”.
“The Legend of the three worlds” collection is made of gold set with one thousand nine hundred fifty white and black polished diamonds, up to the total weight of 50 carat. It includes a necklace “White Sun”, “The Sakha calender”, The man’s complete set (necklace, belt), ear-rings in national style and the woman’s complete set (the Sakha crown, necklace, belt and ear-rings).

Our contacts:

ph. (4112) 35-63-53
fax (4112) 35-53-46

Our shops:

  1. Ammosov str. 1, TS “Krujalo”, “Sakhajeweller”, ph. +7 924 3606379;
  2. Lenin Ave. 10, “Sakhajeweller”, ph. (4112) 44-46-91;
  3. Lenin Ave. 23, “Almaz”, ph. ( 4112) 43-58-94.
  4. Ordjonikidze str. 50, TS “NorHouse”, “Sakhajeweller”, ph. (4112) 31-13-45

“Tuymaada Diamond”

The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is the land of permafrost, where the lowest temperature of 72 C below zero was registered. People have learnt to live in harmony with nature as they wanted to survive in extremely difficult climatic conditions. The culture of northern people reflects their striving to understand nature and use rationally its generous gifts.

The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is one of the richest regions of the world due to the differences of nature resources explored.

The Yakutia’s diamond deposits, discovered in 1954, are the biggest ones not only in Russia but in the whole world.

Joint-stock company “Tuymaada Diamond” was founded on 24th of April in 1991 and made the first step in diamond cutting industry creating. The first diamond cutting factory was built and put in the October of 1992.

The brilliance of Yakutian diamonds reflects the whole beauty of Yakutia, its virgin purity and unique. In the hands of skilled cutters unattractive piece of 1 mln. aged stone becomes alive, absorbing the colors of Aurora Borealis.

“Tuymaada Diamond” is a really “national” company because it was established due to the share sale. It is the unique company which created diamond cutting industry in the time of business recession. Nowadays 21 709 individuals and 115 bodies are being the company’s shareholders. The government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) holds 75% of shares.

“Tuymaada Diamond” is patented brand, well-known at the Russian and world markets. The company is in partnership with more than 200 jewelry companies in Russia, provides them with diamonds and sales jewelry in own store chain.

“Tuymaada Diamond” specializes in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trading of jewelry and certified polished diamonds. The company has 12 jewelry stores in such cities as Yakutsk, Mirny, Lensk, Nerungry, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshensk and Novosibirsk. There are also effective polished diamond wholesale offices in Moscow, Yakutsk and Krasnoyarsk.

“Tuymaada Diamond” jewelry stores propose wide range of gold and silver jewelry with different gem settings, exclusive jewelry of famous designers. The company’s jewelers may replace or set a polished diamond into any jewelry you like. Customers are provided with discount cards, gift certificates, bank loan and flexible price formation. “Tuymaada Diamond” is one of the first companies in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) put in use card terminals.

The company was presented “Birmingham Torch Award” for Success in economic survival and development in the face of adverse conditions (1995), “100 best products of Russia” (1999), the 2nd degree honorary diploma of American-Russian Award “Golden Galaxy” for “High financial efficiency” (2000, Washington D.C.). “Tuymaada Diamond” has become the member of “Russian jewelry trade” club, won the first prize at the International competition “The Best deliverer of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)”, also the company was presented the 2nd diploma at The International Congress “State the Business: social and responsible partnership”. In 2006 “Tuymaada Diamond” jewelry store in Blagoveshensk became the best in All-Russian contest in nomination “The Best jewelry store”.

Branches and offices:

Yakutsk, the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), 677000
Office 2, 30/4 Kurashova st.
Tel.: (4112) 32-19-28
Fax.: (4112) 32-16-17

Moscow, Russia, 125124.
Office 5, 17/13, 1st Yamskoye Pole st.
Tel.: (495) 257-14-20

Jewelry stores:

  1. 9, Lenin st., Yakutsk. Tel.: (4112) 42-07-81.
  2. 24, Lenin st., Polar Star Hotel, Yakutsk. Tel.: (4112) 32-51-84, 37-06-84.
  3. 1, Ammosov st., strip mall “Kruzhalo”, Yakutsk. Tel.: (4112) 48-21-83.
  4. 19, Yaroslavskiy st., Yakutsk. Tel.: (4112) 45-02-48, 42-13-83.
  5. 4, Sovetskaya st., block 3, strip mall “Yakutskiy”, Yakutsk. Tel.: (41136) 444-39.
  6. 6, Lenin st., strip mall “Jewels of Yakutia”, Neryungri. Tel.: (41147) 45-111, 45-173.
  7. 11, Proletarskaya st., strip mall “Jewels of Yakutia”, Lensk. Tel.: (41137) 4-68-29.
  8. 63A, Kirov st., Suntar village. Tel.: (41135) 233-05.
  9. 163, Volochayevskaya st., strip mall “Yakutskiy”, Khabarovsk. Tel.: (4212) 42-14-01.
  10. 32, Lenin st., Khabarovsk. Tel.: (4212) 23-73-13, 23-72-09.
  11. 171, Lenin st., Blagoveshensk. Tel.: (4162) 53-64-44.
  12. 103, Bolshevitskaya st., Business center “Yakutia”, Novosibirsk. Tel.: (383) 266-08-31