Food and restaurants

Meat, dairy products, and fish are the basis for cuisine of indigenous peoples of Yakutia. It is tasty, appetizing, and nutritious. It is the right type of cuisine for the North. Cuisine is represented by variety of salted, smoked, and dried fish of all kinds. There are dairy dishes made of milk, cream, sour cream. Meat varies from beef, to reindeer meat, moos meat, bear and horse meat. Last item can be very tasty if it is cooked in a right way. Northern cuisine is delicious.

Sliced frozen fish of best kinds such as white salmon nelma, chir, omul, or sliced frozen horse meat are exotic, healthy, and very tasty. Kumiss is made of fermented mare’s milk. This original beverage is great for refreshment.

Yakut chefs skillfully blend ancient traditions with most recent trends. Visiting restaurants of Yakutsk one can expect to have a taste of exotic, as well as of traditional Russian and European cuisine.

Restaurants of Yakutsk

Tygyn Darhan
There are two dining rooms and a bar at the restaurant. The interior is elegant, music ambiance is comforting. It is perfect atmosphere for good meal or for business lunches and dinners. The stuff is highly professional.
Regular exhibitions of tasting are always the great success and a chance to try some masterpieces of culinary art. “Tygyn Darhan” is very the place to have a real taste of unique and exquisite cuisine of Sakha people. Innokenty Tarbahov is the best chef of Yakutia, a master chef of Russia, and the restaurant chef. He has refreshed some old and traditional recipes. European and Asian cuisine are represented as well.
9, Ammosov St., tel. +7(4112) 43-51-09

The restaurant is located at the center of a city. The interior of the restaurant, wall drapery, marines, fish tanks, all creates the sea-like atmosphere. A symbolic frigate is sailing above the dining room. The menu includes up to 40 appetizers and main courses. Diet, vegetarian, and national courses are served as well. Bartenders prepare wonderful cocktails, serve special keg beer, and variety of refreshments and alcohol beverages. Nights at the restaurant is the time for live music.
9, Ordzhonikidze St., tel. +7(4112) 42-05-57

The restaurant is located right in the center of Yakutsk. Cozy atmosphere of the restaurant is good for both, business lunches and romantic dinners. Exquisite interior of the place is very positive for business agreements. The ambience of the restaurant is perfect environment for romantic nights. Masterly made cocktails together with rhythmic music create the world of dreams. Whereas variety of delicious dishes, prepared by skillful chefs, may satisfy even a true gourmet. The menu includes up to sixty main dishes and appetizers. The stuff create friendly and hospitable atmosphere.
23, Lenin Ave., tel. +7(4112) 43-55-28