Our severe land was settled by men, strong and wise, who created a unique Arctic culture. In Yakut folklore the most exact definition of the word “Yakuts” is «the Sunny Tribe People”. Only those, who so faithfully love the sun, granting the light, life and forces, can survive in the north. If one knows what is severe icy cold, clear winter silence, he especially appreciates the greens of plants and spring hubbub of the birds and warm solar beams. It is no wonder, that even nowadays Yakuts live in full harmony with the world, esteeming the cult of Nature – mother.

One of the Arctic culture properties is a solar-lunar calendar of Yakuts. It consisted of 12 months. The year began with the Month of Milk Yield, which coincided May. Months consisted of 30 days and shared for three ten-days periods according to the phases of the Moon. As the basic kind of the activity was horse and cattle breeding, spring and summer months got names according definite activity form, the less important – by the numeral designation.
The full version of Sakha solar-lunar calendar is here >>>

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