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Feedback (season 2000)

From Prof. Dr. Thomas Cerny <>

With great pleasure I confirm that we had an excellent stay and trip in Syrianka/Sibiria
with an exciting and very challenging roundtrip to the Mountains and the wilderness of this
unique Sibirian jewel. The crew and the material was well chosen and we enjoyed the good
traditional cocking

with lots of fresh fish of the river Rasocha as well as the boat trip down this
magnificent river and the Kolyma river as well. The crew members were very competent and
ready to follow our needs.

We have seen many facetts of the modern Sibirian life and its past history of the province
of Sacha The logistics of our travel offered and conducted by Kolimtours was very well
done without any disturbing event.

Overall it was a privilege to take part in such an adventure and I do recommend this
travelling to anyone who is interested to visit this magnificent part of Sibiria

With kind reagrds

Thomas Cerny

I hope this is of help for you and I would love to see Syrianka at this time of the year!
Thank you !!

Chefarzt Onkologie/Hamatologie

Chairman Departement Innere Medizin (DIM)

From: Gertrud Frei <>

Let me again express my thanks to you for the great holiday you together with Hans Ryter have
organized for us. I liked it very much to spend some time in Zyrjanka and its
environnement. It is a very beautiful region (although live seems not to be very easy
there) and I really enjoied the warmth of you and all the other people who hosted us and
became good friends. I hope you will succeed with your ideas about bringing tourisme to
your region. That would be very valuable for both sides, for the people in Zyrjanka as
well as for those persons who will visit you.

Many thanks and all the best wishes to you, your familiy and all participants of our tour.

Gertrud Frei



Urs Heer

In August 1999, I had the chance to participate in a pioneer trek in the Kolyma Region
organized locally by Kolimintours. We were trekking with reindeer nomads in the Momsk
Mountains and rafting on the Rassoha River and the Jassatshnaja River. To trek through
this sparsely populated part of the world and to feel the rough and severe Siberian
environment was an extraordinary experience. The proficient leadership of our skilled
Kolimintours-guides Alic and Jury brought us safe and sound through every
part of this exceptional journey. They showed us that Siberia is not just an extremely
cold place in the middle of nowhere but a home to people who love this country and are
familiar with the skills necessary to live in it.

I enjoyed this trek so much that I went back in Summer 2000 for a second run and it had
not lost a bit of its magic and charm. I would like to thank Kolimintours for showing me
this wonderful part of Siberia.

My one page dedicated to Siberia:

Kindest regards,

Urs Heer