Verkhoyansky, vt.Batagay

Verkhoyansky ulus
Administrative Center – vt. Batagai
Population – 13666 (census 2002)
Settlements – 45
Territory – 190,7 thousand km2
Agriculture:  stock raising, horse breeding, reindeer breeding
Distance from Yakutsk – by land – 1423km
by river – 2785km
by air – 705km

In this region,  in the Verkhoyansk city was registered the lowest temperature – 68,7 degree Celsius

That place it is called «Pole of Cold» of the Nortern Hemisphere

The place of location :  The Cemetery Mammoth (Ulakhan-Suulur, Betenkes), The   Sacred Mountains Kykhylyakh

Verkhoyansk regional  Administration phone  +741165-21005

Time difference  : Yakutsk+1h.

More detailed map see  here