Facts for the visitors

Passport and visa regulations
Communication, telephone communication
Internet resources
Express mail delivery service
Currency Exchange
Cash money transfer
Credit cards
Interior automotive transportation
Calling a cab
Road signs
Taking a pet
Airline service
Flight schedule of Yakutsk Airpor
Water transport
Buying a map
Newspapers and magazines
Radio stations
Clothes and shoe size standard
Dry clean&Laundry

International visitors desiring to visit Yakutia as well as Russia must obtain a visa (http://www.getrussianvisa.com).
Tourist visa needed if person is going to stay in Russia within 30 days, if more business visa required. Our company has a reference number for tourist visa application. Most times it is enough for us to send a fax with tourist voucher and invitation to a visitor and the nearest to him Russian consulate (http://www.russianconsulates.com).

All visitors entering the republic should keep in mind two things:
1. If stay for more than 3 days should register in local PVS (police passport visa service – former OVIR) – non residents migration registration – should have a valid passport, visa and immigration card. Usually, this procedure could easily be done in most hotels of Yakutsk city. But if a visitor is going to travel around the vast area of Yakutia or use homestay accommodation this one should register in PVS within 3 days.
2. In every frontier region (administration centre) of Yakutia – Anabarskiy (Saskylakh), Bulunskiy (Tiksi), Ust–Yanskiy (Deputatskiy), Allaikhovskiy (Chokurdakh) and Nizhnekolymskiy (Cherskiy) – must follow the frontier regulations and get special permission to enter mentioned areas. Application should be submitted for 30 days before and not a day less.
Usefull extracts from Federal Law of Russia

A phone call can be managed from a hotel room. For international phone call dial “8–10”, country code, area code, then a phone number.


city code – +7 4112 + six numbered phone;
public call-boxes station and Internet cafe to the address Lenin Ave. 12;
mail, telegraph&telex post office – to the address Dzerzhinskiy Str. 4;
cellular phone communication companies:
MTS –  Lenin Ave. 14, tel. +7(4112)35-52-22

Megafon – Lermontov Str. 25, tel +7(4112)33-05-00

BeeLine – Lenin Ave. 11, +7(9142) 770611

www.sakha.gov.ru – official site of the Government of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
ya1.ru/bank.php – news, weather, WEB camera, currency exchange rate in local banks, telephone book search of different organizations, video&audio.
www.ykt.ru – the most visitable Yakutian site with a lot of resources.

www.arctictravel.ru – “Arctic Travel Co.” site.

www.yakutia.ru – “YakutAvia Co.” site.
www.yakutiatravel.com – “TourService Center” site

The climate in Yakutia is sharply continental: seasonal temperature variations exceed 100 C (from +40 C during the summer to –60 C during the winter). In the town of Verkhoyansk is at the negative temperature Pole of the Northern Hemisphere the temperature here drops as low as –68,3 C.

Average monthly temperatures in Yakutsk (Celsius) plus/minus about 7 degrees of average temperature between day/night
Jan -43,2C May +5,7C Sept +6,1C
Feb -35,9C June +15,4C Oct -7,9C
Mar -22.2C July +18,7C Nov -28C
Apr -7.4C Aug +14,8C Dec -39,8C

FedEx – 30/1 Yaroslavsky Str. Yakutsk, tel. +7(4112)35 11 44
DHL – Staduhina St, 63/1, Yakutsk, Tel. + 7 (4112)39 01 16

The Russian rouble is the monetary unit of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It equals 100 kopecks. Many banks show an exchange rate on their office billboards. Currency can be exchanged at currency exchange offices at the international airport terminal, hotels and banks. Most of currency exchange offices are in the center of the city.
“Sobinbank” – Lenin Ave. 8, tel. +7(4112)42 31 85.
“Sberbank of the Russian Federation”Octyabrskaya St. 17, tel. +7(4112)34 00 51.
“Makbank” Lenin Ave. 24, tel. +7(4112)34 19 78.
“Almazergienbank” Lenin Ave. 1, tel. +7(4112)34 40 13

“Western Union” in most banks of Yakutsk.

Credit card payment is almost absent in Yakutia except for “Tygyn Darkhan***” and “Polarnaya Zvezda****” Hotels in Yakutsk. Cash machine available in most banks (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa).

Public transportation is developed in Yakutsk, Mirny and Neryungri cities and costs non progressive 8 RUR in the public bus. Traffic uses the right side of the road in Yakutia.

A preferable way is to call a cab by phone: 553, 580, 1477, 467474 (usually private companies). There is also pirate taxi can be available by road. The price is the same. Pirate driver may ask even more.

All road signs follow the international standard

Gas stations offer a 24-hour service and Normal costs about 1 USD.

Visitors can bring their pets, a dog or a cat, as long as pets are inoculated and there is documention
to prove it. The inoculation against rabies is obligatory. An international standard veterinary passport is obligatory. For veterinary service dial +7(4112)43 84 14.

For the “Tuymaada” airport information service desk dial  14006. For VIP airport terminal dial +7 (4112)44 34 94.

Flight schedule of Yakutsk (time and price changes at least every year season)

The flight schedules at other airports

Irkutsk airport
Timetable of Sheremetyevo
Novosibirsk airport
Timetable of Vnoukovo (Moscow)

Yakutsk river port – 1, Novoportovskaya St. Yakutsk.
For information dial +7(4112)34 96 13, cashier desk +7(4112)43 87 21.

There are various souvenirs to choose from. There are national shoes, clothing, fur and leather goods, souvenirs made out of different stones, mammoth tusk souvenirs, fur and color beads national ornament gifts, silver and gold jewelry, diamonds, paintings by local artists and crafts, photo albums about Yakutia.
“Sardaana” store of State National Company for crafts production – P. Osipenko St. 8/1, Yakutsk, tel. +7(4112)46 10 31, +7(4112)46 10 49.
“Kuday Bakhsy” store of National Fund for crafts production – Ammosov St. 6, Yakutsk, tel. +7(4112)32 07 93
“Sakhabult” store of National Consortium for professional hunters support – Lenin Ave. 25,, tel. +7(4112)45 32 27.

Maps can be purchased at hotels and book stores (“Globus” map store to the address Lenin Ave, 20).

“Souzpechat” shops and independent distributors offer a variety of Russian and local news papers and magazines.


“Nashe Vremia”www.nvpress.ru

National Broadcast Company “Sakha” – Ordzhonikidze St. 38, Yakutsk, tel. +7(4112)32 04 34, +7(4112)35 39 51.

Broadcast Company “STV” – Dzerzhinskiy St. 13, Yakutsk, tel. +7(4112)44 20 70, 44 24 44.

“Victoria” – FM 103,1.

“STV-radio” – FM 105,7.

Prescription drugs and the rest of the Medicare goods and medicine can be purchased at drug stores. In case of emergency
patients can be sent to clinic centers and emergency rooms.

For the ambulance dial 03.

There is no need to worry about personal safety. We simply recommend reasonable caution.

In case of emergency dial 02.

Direct current is 220W/50Hz D.C. Plug-ins and outlets are of European standard.

Clothing: 44-46 size stands for S, 46-48 stands for M, 48-50 and larger stands for L, XL.

Shoe size is of European standard.

Dry clean and laundry services are available at the most hotels.

Alcohol drinks and beverages can be purchased at most grocery stores and bars.

Tipping is not in custom in Yakutsk. However, one can always tip a person if one feels like it.