Season: November, 15 – April, 01
Group size: 1- 2 visitors
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Cost includes: 3 times meal according to program, «Sterkh» or «Lena» hotel accommodation, all transfers, excursion program in Yakutsk, interpreter services, warm fur uniform rent. (a sleeping bag advised to take along with its self).

Note:Cost is for double accommodation.
Cost does not include: alcoholic beverages, additional expenses due to bad weather, airtickets from/to Moscow, medical insurance.
Cost may change if gasoline price rise and air company will rise the fee for airtickets.
Cost is given in Russian roubles (RUR).

Day 1
In early morning – arrival from Moscow depending on flight aircompany, airport – hotel transfer. Accommodation in “Lena” or “Sterkh” hotel (dbl or single luxe, bed&breakfast).
Lunch in “Tygyn Darkhan” Restaurant (with European&national cuisine).
Observe city sightseeing excursion. Guide & minivan coach. Attendance of Constant Exhibition “Treasures of Yakutia” & “Mammoth Museum”.
Dinner in “Fregat” Restaurant.

Day 2
A.M. Early morning after breakfast departure to Ysyt’ village (250 km far from Yakutsk) using Russian 4WD UAZ jeep.

Guides equiped with “GlobalTel” satellite handphone all expedition way long. Route consists of half asphalt&half winter frozen road going sometimes across&along Lena river.
At day time travelers may observe the famous Lena River Pillars (red stone cliff walls) at their almost beauty. They would make stops to take pictures.
All way with all stops would take 5 hours long & they enter Ysyt’ village at midday.
This village has ancient history (about 200 years) – this is the place where one of the first post stations was established.
Even nowadays one can see the descendants of those mail coachmen keeping the old fashioned way of life. Visitors stay in a warm wooden house, lunch in the family.
After lunch they would take a walk around the village.
Then preparation to a journey comes: luggage package, warm dress fitting, snowmobile “Buran” ride training.
Dinner in the family. Siberian bath-house (sauna) at option. One night in the house.

День 3
Departure on “Buran” snowmobile ride along wide Lena river snow-clad channel and, it goes without question, with a guide and an interpreter. The route is 60 km long and going through frozen vast river and winter forest. On the way there are hunter’s wooden huts where one can have a rest & drink hot tea to warm itself. A guide would tell and show how to trap and hunt hare or small animals with noose. Riding back one can check the nooses for trophy that could be taken to Yakutsk to cook a tasty dish of it for dinner.
The route toward the reindeer breeders camps with all stops would take not more than 5-6 hours (average snowmobile speed is about 15-20 km/hr).
Further, lunch would be already in Evenk reindeer breeders camp which is belong to famous Evenk folk writer of Yakutia – to Nikolay R. Kalitin. It is situated on picturesque shore of Buotama mountain river. There are a wooden warm living house, breeder’s tents, forest park for reindeers, bath house. And near not freezing rivulet flows. Taking into account that a winter sun day is short, a client most of time would spend indoors. During its staying one will learn a lot about ancient culture of Evenk nomads, familiarize himself with Evenk national customs and habits, taste their national cuisine, see private life of Evenks. One will spend the night in warm house in a sleeping bag.

Day 4
This day will devoted to ice-fishing. A visitor will be dressed in fur clothes and get acquainted with ice-fishing methods by mean of net or rod. One can get a grayling or even unique Siberian brown trout. Then visitor can enjoy fish soup made of his fish catch or they could fry it at wish.
Then at evening the bath-house is optional.
A night in warm wooden house.

Day 5
Since this day the reindeer team riding takes its start. A caravan of two reindeer teams and “Buran” snowmobile will depart right upon dawn. The “Buran” snowmobile with a guide and an interpreter would be a forward making a road. After the reindeer teams go with the client in one of them. Along the trip they will show the Evenk methods of hunting and explain how to read marks and footsteps of different animals and birds. If they will be lucky to take a chance to follow & hunt wood-grouse or quail. And also they will check the previous client made traps & nooses along the camp leading route.
Approximately this expedition will take 15-20 km long.
The forward team on “Buran” snowmobile will go ahead and fire the stove in a hunters house. The client will be in time to warm house. They will spend the night in sleeping bag like real hunters.

Day 6
The same as for beforeday.

Day 7
At the end of the day they finish the trip coming to Lena river shore. They will spend last night in hunters house.

Day 8
The expedition group will cross the river to Ysyt’ village. There the client will put his stuff in order, have a lunch before a long journey back to Yakutsk in Russian UAZ 4WD jeep. At the day evening at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. would come to Yakutsk. And he would have a spare time to make shopping for souvenirs, etc.
Dinner in restaurant, one night in a hotel.

Day 9
Early morning the client depart for airport and flies to Moscow. At this moment his unique expedition comes to an end.