Mysterious Labynkyr lake

The legendary lake Labynkyr is situated near the Pole of Cold on the territory of Oimyakon uluss. It is mystical and exotic attraction. Legends speak about the monster that lives deep in the water of the legendary lake and attacks dogs, reindeers and even people. Stories say how one day the monster wiped out a caravan of Even people. There are several documented encounters. The public learned about the monster in the 50’s from the diaries of soviet geologist Tverdohlebov. Since then several expeditions have set out to prove or disprove the existence of a monster. Some say that it is something real, that it could be a huge pike, a water mammoth, a reptile or a plesiosaurus, or even something from the parallel world. The mystery, however is still a mystery. There will always be people who want to solve the mystery, or at least have a glance at the monster.