The Moma National Nature Park

This park is located on the territory of Moma uluss, at the eastern part of the Momo-Selennyahskaya depression, covering the territory of the upper part of the Moma river basin. Its total area is 4 577 600 acres. It is a territory where Northern Yakut people and the Even people live closely together.
The Moma National Nature Park provides a chance to understand the beauty of the extremely severe nature of the North. Travelers can see the Ulakhan-Taryn ice crust, whose size and ice mass come pretty close to the Fedchenko glacier in the Pamirs. The ice crust is five to seven kilometers wide, about 40 kilometers long, and up to seven meters thick. Pobeda peak, the highest point in Northeastern Siberia (at a height of 3147 meters), is another attraction. Travelers can also see Balagan-Taas volcano and other beautiful mountains. A visit to the park is an opportunity to drink some of the best mineral water in the world. The flora and fauna of the park are very rich. The Moma river is 600 kilometers long. It has strong and fast streams, especially along shallows, that make it a great attraction for rafters.
Khonu – Saydy – Zashiversk water rout (by kayak or catamaran). The rout takes seven days with rafting down the Indigirka river, hiking to Balagan-Taas volcano, and visit to Ulakhan-Taryn ice crust.
Khonu – Big Ice Crust – Balagan-Taas volcano hiking rout. Best visiting time is in April. Hiking distance is 220 kilometers. The rout takes seven days with nature seeing, visit to reindeer herd, reindeer sledding, lasso.