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Location: Oymyakonsky region
Period: June – August
Number of group: 2 – 5 PAX

Arrival to Yakutsk. Accommodation in hotel Lena(DBL). Prepare for the trip. Night in Yakutsk.
Program in Yakutsk:
city tour with the ESG(English speaking guide)
Permafrost Institute
Mammoth museum.DAY 2
Departure from Yakutsk by Russian 4WD car up to lake “KHOROTO”, Oymyakonsky region. The total length of the auto road is 860 km, time on the road 18-20 hours. Night in Khandyga.(Either hotel or tent possible) Automotive rout goes along the Central part of Yakutia and further to the north. The road will include two ferry crossings across the Lena and Aldan rivers.DAY 3
The second part of the auto route(the part after crossing the Aldan river, from Khandyga) goes along the famous Kolyma “The road of Bones” road. This road was built by the prisoners of GULAG during the Stalin period of 1930-1953s. The road goes over the Verkhoyansk ridges. There are carved bridges, barracks, and other remaining constructions of concentration camps.
Magnificent landscapes, great mountains, fast rivers, and vast reindeer pastures, are all there for tourists to see during the journey. In the evening a meeting on the bridge near lake “Khoroto”. Accommodation in tents. Instructing under the safety precautions, preparation for the main route.DAY 4
In the morning the trekking up to place “Sordonnoh (distance 36 km, time in a way of 8-9 hours). All the luggage to be transported on horse backs. Two spare horses for crossing the rivers. Arrival on place. Accommodation in tents. The district Sordonnoh is a camping site of reindeer breeders, on the bank lake. In lake to be found the pike, in the river East-Siberian grayling. Tourist can try his luck on sports fishing.DAY 5
In the morning trekking up to district Alta Chuckuy (distance 42 km, time in a way of 10-11 hours). Late at night arrival on district. District Alta Chuckuy is also base camp of reindeer breeders. At the spot 2 wooden houses with two-rooms each, winter house, 2 warehouses of a-barn for storage of food and goods, a Russian banya. If the weather is good accommodation in tents, if rainy than in the house. In the house there is an oven, in rainy weather there is an opportunity to dry up clothes.DAY 6
A Day of rest. Visiting of the waterfalls Malli (distance 6 km, time in a way 1 hour). Depending on the weather and luck, there is a chance to observe from here the snow rams “CHUBUKU”. There is a good opportunity for organizing a photohunting, sports fishing on East-Siberian grayling at a request of a group. In the evening a Russian banya.

In the morning trekking up to district Munil (distance 11 km, time in a way 2-3 hours). In the afternoon arrival on spot. The district Munil is a mouth of a small river, there is a small house – the autumn time camp of reindeer breeders. If there is a good weather accommodation in tents.

Preparation for the pedestrian trekking and ascending the glacier “PALATKA”(translated in English “Tent”). Instructing under the safety precautions, rest.DAY 8
In the morning the trekking along a small river Munil towards a glacier with visiting waterfall Munil up to a place where the “assaulting base camp” is set, distance 12-15 km, time in a way 7-8 hours. The camp is set in a zone of mountainous tundra zone, where no trees grow. All temporary used things are transferred by tourist themselves in backpacks/rucksacks. Spending the night in tents.DAY 9
Ascending up to the passage where a glacier begins(distance 5-6 km, time in a way(rise) 4-5 hours). The altitude 2350 meters. Lunch, a photo and a video shooting right at the spot with the glaciers as a background. The ascending on very top of a glacier is not provided. At a request of a group further ascending towards the top can be available from the eastern direction, where one can observe a great panorama with several glaciers around. The altitude 2600 meters, time of rise, from a spot of an altitude 2350 meters, 2 – 2,5 hours. Return to the “assaulting base camp”. Night in tents at the camp.DAY 10
Returning to the district Munil.DAY 11
Preparation day for rafting. Instructing under the safety precautions. Assembly of a catamaran, photohunting for the snow ram, sports fishing, etc. at a request of group. Rest.

DAY 12
Start of rafting on catamaran along river Suntar up to a mouth of the river Ugammyt, distance 31 km, time along river(rafting) 7-8 hours. In the evening arrival on the spot near the mouth. Accommodation in tents.

DAY 13
Continue rafting up to the spot Sordonnoh, distance 25 km, time 5-6 hours. Arrival on spot. Accommodation in tents. On this part of the river there are few complex spots, “pipes”, turns, etc.

DAY 14
Rafting up to the place Suntarsky Bridge, distance 36 – 40 km, time 7-8 hours. It is the most complex part. About 5-6 km till the bridge, almost up to the end of the rafting point – a narrow rocky place, thresholds with abrupt turns(distance of thresholds 2.5-3 km). Arrival to the spot. On the bridge group is met by car. Transfer to Yakutsk.

DAY 15
Arrival to Yakutsk. Accommodation in hotel. Night in Yakutsk.

DAY 16
Transfer for the airport, flight from Yakutsk.

Cost includes: 3-times meals, double accommodation in hotel “Lena”, all transfers according to program, full ESG –supporting, all excursions according program.

Cost excludes: alcoholic drinks, any costs incurred due to bad weather.