Buotama river boating

Period: June – August

Group: 2 – 4 PAX

Day 1
Arrival early in the morning to Yakutsk airport. After receiving the luggage a transfer from the airport to hotel “Lena”. Night in hotel, standard DBL bed room.

Day 2
Departure by speed boat up to National nature park “Lena Pillars”(about 220 km a waterway), up to a mouth of small river Labyja. Surprising landscapes, Lena cheeks, Lena Pillars, rich vegetative and fauna, pure air, transparent water, passion of fishing, charm of foggy morning, an abundance

of new, interesting impressions in national natural park Lena Pillars. Lena Pillars is an empire of magicians, wizards, kind and malicious spirits, it is fantastic “City”: stone fantastic palaces, locks and towers rise, failures of caves gape. Freakish rocks in height more than 100 meters and extent more than 80 km merge in uniform ensemble. A meeting the guides with horses. The pedestrian excursion up to “Lena Pillars”. Preparation for the trekking up to the river Buotama. Night on the bank of the Lena river in tents.

Day 3
The trekking to the river Buotama through the taiga (30 km from Lena). All cargo is transported on horses. When reaching the river Buotama, preparation for boating. Night on the bank of the river.

Day 4 – 8
An alloy on the river Buotama. Boutama is one of the most beautiful rivers of Yakutia, which flows through the territory of the “Lena Pillars” park with it’s unique banks, rich fauna and flora. The average current flow is 1 meter per second. The extent of the alloy is 130 km, fishing, spending the nights in the tents on the bank of the river Buotama. An alloy takes 5 days and 3 nights. On the evening of June, 22nd crossing the Lena river on motor boats for the base on the opposite bank. Transfer by a car to Yakutsk. Night in hotel “Lena”.

Day 9
Departure to Jus-Hatyng, a site where the national holiday “YSYAKH” is held. Ysyakh is the Yakut New Year. It is the symbol of welcoming the summer and the awakening of nature. The Yakut ancestor brought this celebration from the central Asian steppes. In the beginning it was concerned with the cult of Sun divinity and with traditional economical activity. The Yakuts celebrated Ysyakh as the holiday of renovation of nature and Human being. Traditionally, the addressing and asking for blessing from the supreme yakut divinities Iyh(Gods) was the culmination of celebration. Competition of olonhosuts (narrator of folk tales), round dance Osoyochay, kumyus drinking (kumyus is fermented mare’s milk), sport competitions are obligatory elements of Ysyakh. Day in Ysyakh. Night in hotel.

Day 10
Departure to Jus-Hatyng, a site where the national holiday “YSYAKH” is held. Day in Ysyakh. Night in hotel.

Day 11
A transfer up to the airport, flight from Yakutsk.

The price for the trip includes:

  • A transfer from and to the airport.
  • 4 days in hotel, standart DBL bed room, with breakfast
  • The cost of 2 horses
  • Rafting 5 days (including 3 times a day meal, all the equipment and tents)
  • Tickets for speedy water boat
  • Transfer Tour base – Yakutsk
  • Full language support for the whole period
  • Support of the guides for the boating
  • Lunch and dinner in Yakutsk

The price for the trip doesn’t includes:

  • Flights To and From Yakutsk
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Expenses for the delays in the airports