ITINERARY “Yukagir Extreme River Expedition”

Season: June, 20 – September, 01
Duration of tour: 13 days/12 nights
Group size: 6-12 persons
Location of trip – Chersky mountain range, Rassokha River

Scheme of Itinerary in Google

Programm trip

Day 1. Arrival to Yakutsk. Free time.
Day 2. Flight to Zyryanka with guide interpreter by regular flight (2hrs). Free time during a few minutes, then helicopter has flight to the start point of the rout, (about 55 minutes) toWest of Zyryanka (the mouth of the Khara-Ulakh River, the Chersky mountain range). Accommodation. Preparing of equipment for rafting. Free time.
Coordinates of the starting point:
Latitude 64°40’43.06” North, 147° 59’36.30” East (See in Google Earth system)
Day 3-8. Rafting down the Rassokha river. Arrive to the mouth of the Bulkut river by the end of the 8th day. Enjoy the view to magnificent glacier and picturesque landscape. Stay overnight. Rest. Fishing for grayling (maximum weight – 1 kg), lynok (salmon), (max. weight 3-4 kg.). Here is a good opportunity to observe snow-ram.
Coordinates of the Bulkut River mouth:
Latitude 65 degrees and 05 minutes North, longitude 148 degrees and 55 minutes East.
Day 9. Rest. Steam bath. Fishing for malma, an endemic species (maximum weight – 1,5 kg). There is an option to climb 1600 meters high.
Days 10. Rafting down the Rassokha river. Stay overnight by the mouth of the Mammoth river.
Latitude 65°17’52,73” North, longitude 150° 10’2,79” East
Day 11. Departure by helicopter to the Yukagir’s settlement Nelemnoye. Tour to the museum. Arrival to Zyryanka by the end of the 12th day. Accommodation in a hotel. Rest. Stay overnight.
Coordinates of Nelemnoye settlement.
Latitude 65°29’51,16” North, longitude 151° 05’2,28” East
Day 12. Morning: breakfast in local cafe, tour to the local museum. Afternoon: depart to Yakutsk. Meeting in airport and transfer to hotel. Rest.
Day 13. Departure to Moscow.
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Food, tents, sleeping bags and all necessary equipment is transported by boats. Accommodation is in tents otherwise it is specified. Meal is prepared and serviced by professional cook. Rafting equipment is transported by a helicopter to the mouth of the Kharah-Ulakh river. Two to four rafts are used for rafting depending on the group size. Serve crew is three to five persons plus a interpreter, cook and a professional doctor for any urgent medical care. Worldwide communication is maintained via mobile satellite phone.
The journey passes through an unpopulated area without any industrial activities. There are not any encephalitis ticks in the basin of the Kolyma river.
The Rassokha river is a left tributary of the Yasachnaia river, that flows into the Kolyma river. Most of rivers in this region open up by the end of May and freeze up by mid October. There are plenty of glaciers in basins of rivers. The Rassokha river slopes 2,73 m/km in the uppers to 0,55 m/km in the mouth. The river slopes as much as 3,28 m/km in the area between the uppers of the Bulkut and the Yakshy rivers.
The name of the Rassokha river derives from Russian. It means fork of a road. The Rassokha river flows through the highest area of the Chersky Mountain grange. Water level and stream flow of the river change rapidly due to the amount of participation up in the mountains. It is one of the major characteristics of the river.
Particularly big glacier is situated in the mouth of the Bulkut river. It is 1,5 meters thick. 10 km down the mouth of the Bulkut river, the Rassokha river enters a canyon. There, the water becomes very white. Waves reach height of 1,5 meters. Life jackets are necessary! This rough section continues for 15 km.
Down the mouth of the Yakshy river, the Rassokha river flows into the Kolymsky lowland. Water becomes calm. The banks and islands are covered with larch and poplar, meadows are covered with flowers.
The area between the mouth of the Kharah-Ulakh river and the Nelemnoye settlement is unpopulated.