ITINERARY “Journey to Kolyma”

The Kolyma river flows through the North-East part of Yakutia into the East-Siberian Sea. The river is 2429 kilometers long, has 275 tributaries that are each more then 10 kilometers long. The width of the Kolyma ranges from 150 to 170 meters. Mean depth within stretches is 6 meters. Mean river flow is about 10 kilometers per hour. The water is pure.

The river offers a fortune for fishing lovers. Kolyma is a habitat for pike, perch, white salmon nelma, and grayling. Moos, bear, bighorn sheep, wild reindeer, white and gray cranes as well as many other rare birds, all can be seen while one floats down the Kolyma river.
Seymchan, Zyryanka, Srednekolymsk and Chersky are some of the major inhabited places along the river. This region is famous as a part of “the Archipelago GULAG”, a section of the concentration camps support network. The last prisoners left in 1956.

Time zone GMT +12 hrs. Time difference with Moscow is + 08 hrs, Yakutsk is + 02 hrs.
Geographical Co-ordinates: Zyryanka – 65 degrees, 52 minutes Northerly latitude, 151 degrees, 15 minutes Easterly longitude.
Average air temperature: July – +25°, August – +20°C, Early September – +15°C.
Nearby cities to Zyryanka: Yakutsk – 1200 km. Magadan – 700 km.
Airline service: Yakutsk-Zyryanka air transportation is regular. Flights are two times a week. The flight takes three hours.


Season: July-September
Duration: 18 days
Group size: 6-10 PAX

Day 1. Arrival to Yakutsk. Free time.

Day 2. Flight to Zyryanka. Free time during a few minutes, then helicopter flight to the start point of the rout, 110 km West of Zyryanka (the mouth of the Tinniyakh River, the Chersky mountain range). Here tourists meet the Even guides, they will lead this journey together with their horses and reindeers. Accommodation. Free time.
Coordinates of the starting point:
Latitude 65 degrees and 17 minutes North, longitude 148 degrees and 41 minutes East
Day 3-4. Hike and horse-ride along the Bulkut river. Daily distances is up to 13 km. Arrive to the Serechen lake (900m above sea level), at the end of the 6th day. Rest.
Coordinates of Lake Serechen:
Latitude 65 degrees and 07 minutes North, longitude 148 degrees and 16 minutes East.
Day 5. Rest. Steam bath. Fishing for malma, an endemic species (maximum weight – 1,5 kg).
There is an option to climb 1600 meters high.
Days 6-7. Hike and horse-riding along the Serechen river. Daily distances is up to 12 km. Arrive to the Rassokha river at the end of the 9th day. Stay overnight.
Coordinates of the mouth of the Serechen river:
Latitude 64 degrees and 57 minutes North, longitude 148 degrees and 30 minutes East.
Day 8. Rafting down the Rassokha river. Arrive to the mouth of the Bulkut river by the end of the 8th day. Enjoy the view to magnificent glacier and picturesque landscape. Stay overnight. Coordinates of the Bulkut River mouth. Rest. Fishing for grayling (maximum weight – 1 kg), lynok (salmon), (max. weight 3-4 kg.). Here is a good opportunity to observe snow-ram.
Latitude 65 degrees and 05 minutes North, longitude 148 degrees and 55 minutes East.
Day 9. Rafting. Fishing. Stay overnight by the mouth of the Yakshy river.
Day 10. Rafting. Fishing. Stay overnight by the mouth of the Itakiya river.
Day 11. Rafting. Fishing. Stay overnight by the mouth of the Mammoth river.
Day 12. Departure by helicopter to the Yukagirs’ settlement Nelemnoye. Tour to the museum. Arrival to Zyryanka by the end of the 12th day. Accommodation in a hotel. Rest. Stay overnight.
Coordinates of Nelemnoye settlement.
Latitude 65 degrees and 30 minutes North, longitude 151 degrees and 05 minutes East.
Day 13. Morning: breakfast in local cafй, tour to the local museum. Afternoon: depart to Yakutsk. Meeting in airport and transfer to hotel. Rest.
Day 14. Departure to Moscow