Lena Pillars

Arctic Yakutian Highlights

Highlights: Mammoth graveyards, gulag concentration camp, indigenous Yakut horse herders, trekking to sacred kisilyakh rock pillars, visiting 100-metre deep sinkhole that appeared inexplicably 10 years ago, Lena Pillars UNESCO World Heritage Site, underground permafrost laboratory. Description: guests will be exploring one of the wildest, remotest, least explored parts of the planet: Arctic Yakutia. Yakutia, a province the size of India but with a population of More…

Ленские Столбы


10 wonders of Yakutia   Updated

Special Program “10 wonders of Yakutia” Tour period: Last week of June – early July Duration of the tour: 9 days/8 nights Group size: 10-15 persons 1 day, Saturday: Arrival in Yakutsk at 08:25 am, S7. Transfer by comfortable bus to Ys-Khatyn place (20 km). 10:00 – Visit to national holiday Ysyakh (celebration of the New Year). See More…